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Nightmares After Christmas 2012

Hi Guys

Can anyone still hear me. sorry for missing out another month of posting ughhh i hate this i can’t find the time to write anymore between busy days in the morning and the intense nightmares at night i can’t seem to think of a great time to write things ughhhhh 😦 well since i was able to write something to day i’ll be posting some photos of my christmas2012 celebration i had with my family I cooked everything so it was a success <3. Thank you everyone for your continued support, I will Post more soon













Thank You

Aaron 🙂



Starting Something New

My Name Is AaronHello to you Whoever you are, if someone is Even reading this. I’m Still new at this Blogging Thing but I hope that I can get a hang of this. so bare with me for a while. I’m from the Philippines. I’m or I was a Culinary Student Just Graduated Yey! still looking for a Job but I know I’ll find one soon. but for the meanwhile I’ll be on Vacation and to spend my time wisely I’ll be doing this blog. I like to Read Books and Photos with my Trusty Camera Darn Good Photos if I say so Myself. Well That’s all I can Squeeze out of my brain for my first post But I’ll be posting soon 🙂 Thanks for Reading and Make sure to watch out for my next Post.